Lambda Mission Statement

Lambda Gunsmithing Mission Statement

Lambda Gunsmithing provides total customer satisfaction supporting the community with highly detailed repairs and offering tested high-quality products for all types of Shooters.  To be an essential contributor to the community, by supporting all levels of agencies and organizations as well as the sole law-abiding citizen.  By ensuring our standards are kept at a higher-than-expected level of professionalism, education and testing for self-preservation for all.


Lambda Gunsmithing Value Statement

Lambda Gunsmithing values to take initiative of our pride of quality work, to be passionate about it, and to have fun passing along our skills through our work.  To value teamwork, not compete, but help learn from each other and from our customers. To which all this, helps ensure our self-preservation and growth.


Lambda Gunsmithing Vision Statement

Lambda Gunsmithing is a service to our customers, their needs, and their education to help them be a better Shooter.  Offering higher than expected level of services and products for everyone from the beginner to the highest professional. Offering services from simple advice, to training, to equipment and education.  To meet every customer’s need or expectation with our goal of every customer being totally satisfied.

The Lambda Gunsmithing LLC Logo

A little bit about our Logo, it's a representation of the well known Spartan Army Shield.  The Spartans were known as a well preserved community, close bonded, family orientated.  But they were probably even better known for their strength, teamwork, discipline, self-preservation, honor, courage, commitment, and loyalty to their community and country.

Their shield was everything to them, their protection, their tool, their weapon. 

Without the Shield, the Spartan was not.

Leonidas, the well known leader of the Spartan Army, told his fellow Spartans before battle, "You will return to Sparta, with your Shield, or on it."  No Spartan was left behind.

So is our logo a Shield?

No, Our Shield is our logo.

Now I had to be a bit selfish, I'm a Marine Corps Veteran, so I want to display the scarlet and gold colors in the Shield.  But all veterans and hometown heroes are respected and represented at my place of business.